Ring doorbell is useless

I used to brag about the ring doorbell but it no longer provides any real use. The motion recording usually doesn’t start until people are walking away from my front door. This will be my 1st and last ring product due to poor performance and wonky interface


I have the same problem and so do thousands of other dissatisfied RING doorbell customers. It appears that RING is engaged in massive fraudulent advertising. Their ads depict the doorbell as an instant realtime alert to any motion, with instant video view and instant audio conversation with visitors. These are all LIES. Our RING doorbell is located 10 feet from our Wi-Fi router, but its motion detector is so poor that unless a visitor presses the doorbell button, there will be no alerts on our iPhones until 30 seconds later. By that time, the visitor is long gone. Preposterously, if we enter from the front door and trigger the RING motion detector, we can go inside, walk to our family room and sit down, before the RING doorbell goes off, alerting us to…our ghosts. The RING app creaks and groans to life, struggling to show us realtime video, but usually fails to show us any drop-and-run Amazon, UPS, FedX or other delivery person. I spent an hour on the phone with a friendly, patient RING tech, but he was unable to fix any of these problems. I would not advise anyone to buy a Ring doorbell; do not trust their marketing claims.


Just waiting on the class action here. Inevitable. I have all of the product line and service and NONE works as advertised.


I totally agree. Plus the camera is worthless. Resolution sucks. Couldn’t Id anyone if I had to. When you zoom in it’s just a blurry mess. Called support numerous times and only get lip service blaming everything on my wifi. That’s not the problem. I tell them it’s the receivers in their China made crap! They have not built out their system to accommodate all the new subscribers. They’re more concerned about adding more and more countries and the hell with the USA. THERE I SAID IT!


Another problem is that if you ever change your wi-fi network password (which security experts advise you should do regularly, ie, every 2-3 months), you’re going to have to go retrieve your Ring screwdriver tool, remove the faceplate on your Ring doorbell, press a tiny button, type your new network password into your iphone, then crawl on the floor and press a button on the side of your Ring Chime, all the time following confusing instructions within the Ring App…what a royal pain!!!


I agree this product is pretty useless. My wife and I bought the product and immediately found out that we needed a “stronger doorbell electrical connection.” We had to pay an electrician to fix that problem. After installation, we found that the delay between the actual event (monitoring of front door through the doorbell) and notification on our mobile phones was too long. Any event occurring (or person coming to our door) was long gone and over with by the time we saw it. Also, a person coming to the door cannot ring the doorbell more than one time for at least another minute. So the product essentially fails as a door bell. Very disappointing. I finally removed the device from my mobile phone altogether (it does not justify the drain on my battery). My wife still has it on her phone for now. A better solution would be for Ring to provide separate monitoring screens that could be installed in 3 or 4 of the most used rooms in the house, instead of just having to rely on a mobile device (which may not be readily available when a notification is received). I found this system to be a waste of money.


I COMPLETELY agree. I just googled the phrase “ring doorbell is useless”, and amazingly enough, I’m not the only one using that phrase.

I used to brag as well. However, over the last year o have just realized that it was a total waste of money.

Very disappointing.


Hi @user11051. I would start by creating a new post and describe the concern that you are having. Be sure to include the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken as well. This will help the community understand and be able to assist you. Thanks, neighbor. :grinning:

The whole collection of products are a joke. Never work anymore, dont and cant detect people, force you to choose some PRESET AREAS of what USED to be a 150° radius, and miss everything. You can stand right in front of it at times and nothing is recorded regardless of the settings. Shameful BAIT AND SWITCH scam with the firmware updates causinf the devices to all malfunction so we can think wen need ri UPGRADE. LAW SUIT BREWING. AMAZON’S Chinese tech is an epic fail. Getting Nest or something reliable.

I agree! I plan on returning mine because it’s absolutely useless. It doesn’t actually record when people are in my yard or driveway which is the entire point of the device. It’s seriously lacking when it comes to motion detection. Just a worthless product.

What is your ISP upload speed? If it’s under 5Mbs, there will be a pretty big lag. Under 2Mbs you won’t get anything.

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Hey neighbors, we understand it’s frustrating when a device doesn’t work as you were expecting it to. Here on the Ring Community, we can assist with general troubleshooting questions and concerns. You’re welcome to create a new post with a few details on your concern, and a member of our team or another neighbor can chime in. If you need assistance with a return or a warranty issue, please reach out to our support team directly.

I wish to god I never got this product. Luckily it was a gift and one I was weary to try as I assumed it would require a monthly subscription. And sure enough, just a week after the 30 day trial expired Ive had a package stolen off my porch. And what would it matter anyway when these people always hide their faces and the ring camera’s pixel quality is laughable.

This POS of a product is CLEARLY about making money off a monthly subscription to allow you to save videos… crappy useless videos at that. So even with a subscription… still worthless.

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