Ring doorbell is shown live view is disabled because front door has low battery

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Just to recap, Live View IS working but only when accessed via www.ring.com - therefore doesn’t appear to be a problem with the doorbell or the battery. Seems it’s a problem with the App. The battery IS fully charged. I have tried rebooting, recharging, reinstalling the battery, pressing the ring button after reinstalling the battery and triggering a test motion but the App still doesn’t update to reflect the charged battery and Live View is still disabled. I am running the latest version of the Ring App. My doorbell is 9 months old and still under warranty.
I have phoned the support team who were unable to resolve the issue - they said I should expect a response in about a week. I will keep this thread updated with progress. Keeping fingers crossed!

Just a quick update for the Ring Community, i’ve had no updates from the Ring technical team regarding this false low battery notification which disables the Live View. I’m still waiting for Ring to update me or fix the issue following my telecon with them on 22nd Dec 2023. They said I should expect an update in about a week, OK we’ve had Christmas in the way so let’s wait and see if we hear anything in the next week or so.

I mean, what’s the point of a security system when you can’t see a Live View? I’ll certainly be holding off buying any further Ring cameras until we get a satisfactory response and the issue fixed.

Happy New Year everyone, and let’s hope 2024 brings some Ring doorbell bug fixes.

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