Ring Doorbell is nothing but problems

I bought the Ring door camera and extra doorbell chimes for around my building. The idea of being able to answer my doorbell from my cell phone sounded great. However, the technology just isn’t here yet. When the doorbell rings, I get a notification right away, so that is great. Ahhh… but now I try to activate the camera and go “LIVE”, and almost every single time it fails. The camera locks up and by the time the camera finally activates, the person has left. It is soooo slow to activate. And the video and sound is still choppy from the day it was installed. I spent days with the Ring tech support trying to fix the choppy audio and video and I finally gave up. They sent me a free extender and that did nothing. Basically, I bought a really epensive doorbell with a camera that works 5 minutes after a person rings the bell and has walked away. My wife rolls her eyes and laughs at me everytime the Ring activates on my cell phone and I frantically try to get this *#-*#@ thing to work. I just don’t want to spend any more hours troubleshooting this thing. It should just work, or else don’t sell it.

Hi @wbe. Typically, Live View issues are related to your network. This Community Article has some great tips and tricks for Live View issues. You can also try so see if your Live View loads faster on the Rapid Ring app. Additionally, try testing this with wifi on and with it off, to see which loads faster. Lastly, check the RSSI of your Doorbell in the Device Health section of the Ring app. You should see a solid connection to your Chime Pro. I hope this helps!