Ring Doorbell interfering with my wifi signal

Hi - I have a video doorbell 2, linked to an indoor chime. I also have a Ring alarm system fitted (base station, keypad, range extender + sensors).
I’ve recently upgraded my wifi to Community Fibre, using 2 x Linksys Velop - one as my base and one as a Mesh extender.
I’ve noticed when on laptop video calls (I work from home) that when the ring doorbell is triggered, I get interference on my wifi signal (I get an alert via GoogleMeet).
I’d be grateful for any advice on how to stop the interference. My signal strength across the house isn’t an issue.

The symptoms described sound similar to that of bandwidth, streaming, or processing many connections. Ring Video Doorbells operate on common wifi radio frequencies and do not emit any signal or make network requests that would interfere with a network or be any different from another streaming device in your home. We do have a Help Center article on ports and protocols, but that is often helpful in instances of not receiving video.

Otherwise, I recommend checking any router features or UI options that might impact streaming, packet inspection, IP / resource allocation, and even any VPN you might have enabled on the network as you work from home. Alternatively, your internet service provider may also be able to look into your network usage to ensure for optimal connection.