Ring Doorbell in Hawaii and Nevada


I have a ring doorbell installed in Hawaii and was wanting to install one in Nevada. Is that possible on one account? And my wife needs access to the Nevada doorbell. Is this possible and what shall I do to set this up? Should I create a separate acct in my wife’s name and I be able to access it?

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Glad you asked, @grantos! At Ring we believe in quick access and convenience for our neighbors using the Ring app. You’ll be happy to see that the Ring app can accommodate many Ring devices and multiple locations, all under one account. You can indeed use your Ring app, logged into the same account, for your Ring devices in Hawaii and in Nevada. During setup of these devices, the location step will help you to easily add a device to your desired location, in which monitoring each location is also easy to do from the Ring app dashboard. Shared Users can also be added to each device/ location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: