Ring Doorbell has failed to record thieves on multiple occasions

Several packages have been stolen from in front of my ring doorbell cam. I know it works because it sends me motion alerts 16 times a day, records the packages being dropped off yet somehow stops working for 10-15 minutes right when my packages are being stolen. I have to assume the I have a way to stop the cam from recording while they are stealing my packages. :confounded:

You assume wrong of course.
All a thief has to do is run up to your porch, grab the item, and run off. Your doorbell takes a few moments to wake up and it is possible for them (or anyone) to avoid the timing of the cameras.

Hi @Coliopteran. Iā€™m sorry to hear about your packages being stolen. If you have a batter powered Doorbell, Iā€™d recommend checking the Motion Frequency settings in the Ring app and adjusting this to Frequent. This may impact the battery life as you will receive more motion detection notifications.