Ring Doorbell Gen 2

Hi it the any way to shield my doorbell from Wi-Fi jamming as I think someone has done this to my device at some point.
On several occasions I’ve had large gaps in the recording I’ve had the Wi-Fi check and that all checks out even at pacific time when the door bell seems to be blocked

Hi @user50856. If your Ring Doorbell is connected to your wifi and online, it will detect and record visitors to your door as long as they cross into your designated Motion Zones. The Doorbell will not record continuously or 24/7, so you may see gaps in the Event History if nothing has occurred during that time. Ring Protect Plan subscribers also have access to the Snapshot Capture feature, which allows you to set your Doorbell to take snapshots at set intervals throughout the day. This can give you a better picture of what’s going on between events.

Any security concerns related to your wifi network and network security should be directed to your internet service provider. They can assist with reviewing the settings on your router to ensure your network is secure.

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