Ring doorbell Gen 2 - misses motion at night

Hi all

I’ve had a Ring doorbell Gen 2 for about a year, the past few months i’ve noticed most of the time it misses motion in the evenings, e.g. if I come home when its dark, 80% of the time no motion is detected, I’ve spoken with Ring support who went thru the reset process and all settings etc but it has not helped.

My question is, have other people had similar experiences and/or are there any other models of Ring doorbells which work better in this regard? bit reluctant to buy gen2 again if other models are known to work better.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @marcster. Missing motions could be contributed to how your Doorbell is mounted. Proper positioning of your Ring Doorbell can drastically improve on how it records. This Community article here will help!