Ring doorbell Gen 2 Charging on and off

I have a Ring doorbell 2 that I haven’t gotten to connect to my app because it isn’t charged. I have had it on the charger for over 15 hours and it will not juice up. It will give me a blue flashing light for about ten seconds, then the light will go off for about 30 seconds, then start flashing again and start this process all over again. I don’t know if it is even issuing a charge to the battery as it won’t turn on at all and I can’t use the app to check. Should I just keep it on the charger or call it dead and buy a new one?

Hi @user43021. Have you tried using a different charger/wall outlet? As indicated in this Help Center article here, the blue led should illuminate the percent of charge until it is full. The doorbell should fully charge within 8 hours. If possible, share a video or picture of the light pattern your doorbell is producing.