Ring doorbell gen 2, cant see the live view

Hi i cannot see the live view of my gen 2 door bell for some reason.
It only captures a picture and thats all no live feed, my Internet speed is around 7 MB which should be enough for the doorbell.

I get notifications but no recordings or live feed.
I have tried to remove the device and add again but no joy, what could be the issue?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi @Nacc. A good place to start for Live View concerns is our Community Post on the topic, which has a list of different troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you narrow down the cause. You mentioned that your internet speed is around 7 Mbps. The Doorbell requires 2 Mbps upload and 2 Mbps download speed, so while 7 may seem like enough, you have to take into account that other devices in your home that are connected to wifi are also utilizing these speeds. This means your Doorbell may not be receiving sufficient internet speed to record or for you to activate the Live View.