Ring Doorbell freezes up doesn't respond (No Wifi/No Doorbell Function)

I have a basic Video Ring Doorbell purchased in Oct 2018. For several months now it’s been intermittently requiring a hard reset in order to reattach to our Wifi. While it’s not responding to the wifi it also doesn’t ring the doorbell when the button is pressed. This issue has become progressively worst. It’s at the point that it freezes up each day, and even minutes after I reset it. I chatted with support and they ran me through the same procedures that I was taking to reset it but it didn’t help the long term recurring issue. Any ideas?

Sorry to hear about this @BrokenRingDoorbell! If your device functions are continuously timing out or becoming unresponsive, even after resets, resources will be the best thing to check. It’s always best to ensure the battery is fully charged to ensure for optimal operation.

Wifi is another important resource, and signal interference can certainly lead to symptoms such as freezing or timing out. Please confirm your RSSI is showing as sufficient in the Device Health section of the Ring app, as well as check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on improving signal.

If these steps did not help to resolve this concern, the best next step will be checking in with our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.