Ring doorbell for existing 4" x 4" box

I have an existing front door intercom system that I would like to replace with a ring doorbell. My front door intercom system has a brushed aluminum plate on it that mounts on a recessed 4" x 4" box in the brick. It looks pretty nice. The ring doorbell is definitely a step up technologically but the existing units look like a cheap add ons. Are there any plans to retrofit ring technology into something that will fit into an existing front porch box.

Hi @jfanning. We do have an Ring Intercom Kit. If you have an old intercom in your home, the Intercom Kit will allow you to remove the intercom and replace it with the Ring Intercom Kit. This allows you to mount your new Ring doorbell without drilling new holes in your home. This Help Center page has further information on the kit. Also, I do not have information on any other Doorbell products being made to work with intercoms.

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