Ring doorbell false notifications

my ring doorbell is constantly alerting me to someone being at my door. There is no one there, device health etc all fine. I’ve depressed the bell button to ensure its not stuck. Motion detection set to people. Help please ?

Hey @Claireh11. Could you show us a video example of when you have motion at your Doorbell but nobody is there? This will help us dissect what could be causing this! You can upload the video to Youtube to share it here, make a share url by emailing/texting the video through the Ring app, or downloading the video and making it into a ZIP file to attach to your response. :slight_smile:

I think I have the same problem… and it is not motion but actual ghost ring notifications. My doorbell basically rings pseudo randomly on its own… i can tell the difference when someone really presses the button because that will trigger my internal doorbell to go off as well where the false notifications only notify my ring app. Sometimes it goes days without a false doorbell notification and other times it will happen like every 15-45 minutes… In the middle of the night no less! For instance, on 5/14 this happened 8 times between 1am and 4am. Since I am a member of the ring explorers… I wonder if this has something to do with that. Maybe some weird firmware was downloaded to my doorbell? I’ve had this since 2015 and it has only been acting up over the last year.

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This started happening to my doorbell about a month ago. I was thinkinig it was due to some type of update push from Ring. My doorbell is a first generation model. I’m hoping my device hasn’t reached obsolescence .

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This also started happening to me around the same time. I wonder if it was a firmware update? It’s driving me mad.

Lol it started happening to me 2 nights ago. All night long started at 1am

It’s driving me crazy all night long

Mine started doing the same thing too. It drives me nuts! I hope they can fix this.

We have been getting these too. We decided to cancel our monitoring and I thought it was just a dumb way to get us to sign back up again. It’s super annoying and scary. All hours of the night and during the day.

This just happened to me at 5am. Scared the hell outta me and there is no recording or anything. I immediately went to check but I didn’t see anything. I googled it and this came up. I hope it’s not a common thing, cause now I can’t sleep! I’m still shook!

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! Depending on the type of notification you are receiving this can likely be resolved through settings. If the false notification concern is related to motion triggering, the best step is to adjust motion settings and even test further at night to find the most optimal settings through trial and error. Depending on the Doorbell model, many will detect heat signatures or sources, such as a heating vent or a vehicle. I recommend checking the area for any heat sources or moving variables.

As Chelsea stated prior, sharing a video example of this can help us take a closer look for you.

If the false notification is showing as a ring event from button push, this certainly should not happen if no one pushed the button. For this instance, a reset may help. To perform a reset, please hold the setup button for 20 seconds. If false ring events continue, our support team will be happy to take a closer look! Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

This is my problem too with both my doorbell and spot light camera. Always saying someone is there and no person is. Or I get the doorbell ringing and no one is there.

Did anyone ever find a solution to the ghost rings? Randomly my doorbell chime inside the house will go off w/o the ring doorbell being activated. No one is at the door, the app doesn’t send any alerts, it’s just a phantom chime inside the house with no obvious reason.

I did not find a solution, but mine seems to have stopped the notifications for the phantoms that aren’t there. I did go into my devices and check for updates, but can’t remember if I did a FW update or not. Worth a try!

Has anybody gotten a resolution to this? Having the same issue and I’m about to throw the stupid thing away

Here’s an example of 2 false ‘person detected’ notifications that have happened today.
I have the ring peephole cam with up to date firmware.

I’m having same problem do you know has to fix it?

I’m having the same issue which started ever since we did not renew the video recording service. Can’t help but wonder if it’s not programmed to annoy you with multiple notifications so that you renew the service that enable you to view past events.

I’m having this problem too on both my ring doorbells at 2 different addresses. Reset both devices and it didnt help the matter. Replying here to follow this thread in case it gets solved.

I am having a similar problem. I have received notifications and alerts that I have a missed ring and there is someone at my door when I checked the playback of the video there is no one there. The doorbell rings and lights up as of it has been pushed and an alert comes through to my phone and Alexa device! Has anyone managed to solve this problem?