ring doorbell expensive mistake

I invested in the ring doorbell thinking it would be a excellent source of security. How wrong was I . When i first had it i gave me a months video usage and after that I would have to pay for the yearly subscription, its not an astronomical amount of money but for a service it does not provide i will not pay it. I have spent the last 12 months going up and down my driveway trying to adequatly set the doorbell in a bid not to get informed of every passing car in a fairly quiet cul de sac and actually be informed of a person instead. You could quite easily have the changing of the guards outside and not be aware until they are leaving. I have rang customer services and am always told its my internet speed and I need to buy this device and that add on to improve which in the end will cost a small fortune. Strangely enough my internet speed is fine on my PC. A complete waste of money.

I agree with you,

The only thing they can say is shutdown VPN, no bluetooth, close all applications …

Sorry ring people as your product can only work under limited conditions in such a way that you can’t even set your bluetooth on (I have a smartwatch connected via bluetooth),

it’s not worth to buy.

Really dissapointing product.

so to all people STAY AWAY FROM ANY RING PRODUCT !!!