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My current doorbell (a doorbell video intercom) is connected from a phone in the house to the outside doorbell using a cat 5 wire. This cat 5 wiring isn’t hooked up to a router but just runs from the phone to the doorbell so there is NO ethernet access at either end. There is also a power supply at the phone as well. The phone is where the chime is heard.

I would have to install another cat6 wire for the POE feature (Ethernet access) to work with the Ring Doorbell Elite but my question is: Can I use the existing phone as the chime with the Elite Doorbell using the existing cat5 wiring? (This isn’t the typical two wires you would see at a normal doorbell - but the four pairs of wires used with cat5)

Also, does the Ring Chime Pro work with the POE Ring Doorbell Elite? (or does it work with the WiFi doorbells only)

Since the Chime Pro works with WiFi: Is there a delay when someone rings the bell outside to when the chime is heard inside? If so, approximately how many seconds?

Also, given that I have a stone wall - I won’t be able to cut open a section so I would to install it on a surface mount box like the following link.

does this make sense?

Hi @Mike1967. In order for the Ring Elite to work with a Chime Kit, it has to be compatible. Currently, there are no intercoms systems that are compatible, because they run off of DC power, so you would need a compatible Chime Kit. The Ring Chime Pro will work with the Ring Elite and it is normal to have a few seconds of delay between the button being pressed and the Chime Pro notifying you. You can also use an Amazon Alexa device for this as well. Let me know if this is helpful.

thanks. very helpful

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Happy to have helped, @Mike1967!

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