Ring doorbell drops off. We went on vacation and now my RING doorbell drops off the wifi.

With all the RING technology I find it very difficult to understand why RING cant rest the doorbell remoltly?? What am I paying a monthly fee for? No service, that’s for sure

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How can Ring connect to you doorbell if it’s not connected to WiFi? In order for them and yourself to connect to it, you need it connected to the internet.

It worked fine the 6 weeks before we left. Now as soon as we leave its down… and no way to reset it.

It could be many things that caused it. Power outage, internet issue with provider would be my guess. Most of the time it will reconnect by itself. Sometimes it may not. I’m thinking it’s just bad timing. I’ve had issues like these. Everything was working fine, I go away for the weekend and a power surge from a car hitting a pole fried my cable modem… I lost access to all my house cams. I found out when I got home from a neighbor.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them…they say I have to be there to reset. Why?

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If there is no connection between your device and the internet, there is no way to reach it. Is there a connection?