Ring doorbell does not ring in the house

I have a doorbell that is hardwired and I replaced it with a Ring doorbell 2 today. Installation went with out a problem. When I push the ring doorbell it rings outside from the ring device but not in the house like the previous regular doorbell.

Hey @0darling! With the proper wiring, power, and compatible chime kit, the Video Doorbell 2 certainly can ring your existing chime kit, as well as receive a charge.

Check out our help center article about hardwiring your Video Doorbell 2 to an existing chime.

Also, please double-check that the chime being used is on our Chime Kit Compatibility List. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The doorbell worked fine upon installation, but then quit ringing in the house after a few days

Mine stopped too. So unless I have my phone, I don’t know anyone is ringing the bell. Is there any external bell that works with Ring that I can put in my home?

Why don’t you just say, “You need to buy a Chime gadget?” The way you respond is misleading.

I just had my Ring Two installed and it doesn’t ring the regular doorbell anymore. It appears I’ll need to BUY a Chime gadget. I wished I knew this before because the rest of my home is under a different camera system and I may have sought out a different video doorbell system.