Ring doorbell does not indicate a full charged battery

We have seen multiple threads on this issue. We are not the first and doubt we will be the last.

We have a ring doorbell that does not indicate the correct battery charge level, even after all the attempts we read about on here. It still shows low. Power cycling, re installing everything, now the dang thing won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

For something you charge a subscription fee for, have your engineers figured out how to make the battery indicator work correctly? Evidence would suggest no.

If we can not rectify this, we canceling our membership and throwing this device in the trash.

once you reconnect the camera to the wifi and create a new event, it will show you the updated battery health

That has not worked either. When it was working, it would go off for motion and send me alerts, but still would not show charge level or live feed.

Did a full recharge, complete re install of the app and the camera to the Wi-Fi yesterday. Showed correct charge, connected to live view and did everything correctly. Today, dang thing is back to saying to connect a battery. But it shows a clear preview in the menu, and still alerts to motion with a video. The fact this piece of junk can’t get the charge indicator correct is absurd. Is there a fix other than throwing it in the garbage?

Hi @GS3987. What specific doorbell model do you have? What is the RSSI for your device? What version of the Ring app do you have installed?

It’s the “Video Doorbell 3”. RSSI is 78 tonight. Usually it’s less, down in the 60s. Currently version 5.65.0. What’s interesting that I just discovered, is if I log in via a web browser, I can activate live view no problem and it works great. But the phone app still says “add battery” and won’t do much. Thanks for asking.

Hi @GS3987. I would follow up with our Facebook or Twitter team for this concern. You may qualify for a replacement device. Feel free to reference this post in your support team interaction. All you need to do is send @Ring a private message on either platform.

I will give that a try, thank you! I was mowing the yard yesterday, and each time I passed the doorbell it sent me an alert with a video. Many events and that didn’t trigger it to update the charge. Hopefully those support teams can help!

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Great @GS3987, let me know how it goes!