Ring doorbell disconnected

All of a sudden today, my Ring Doorbell has dropped connection to my wifi. Nothing has changed. I’ve had no internet outage and yet I can’t connect to it. Has been working fine for four years! I’ve tried six times now to reconnect and nothing happens. It flashes two white lights on the right and takes me back to the set up screens again. I also have a Chime and that’s still connected to the wifi so makes no sense why the doorbell won’t connect. Help!

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I’ve got the Ring door view, only had it since 30th sept 2023, worked perfectly since until yesterday when it started showing as “offline” now it does the same as yours, chime is upstairs and it still works perfectly with no connection issues. I’ve had it reconnect once but, I had to take the whole thing off the door, bring it inside the house, reassemble it and do the setup in the kitchen, it then connected and did an update, then disassembled it and reinstalled on the door where it connected perfectly fine, then today it’s offline again. Not good.

Hi @Wez4136. What is the RSSI for your Door View Cam? Are you connected to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network?

@user70047 What specific doorbell model do you have and what is its RSSI?