Ring Doorbell Disappeared from App

Today the Ring Doorbells at both of my houses have disappeared from my app. I tried to “fix” this by adding my doorbell again, but was told it was registered already. Has anyone had this problem? What was the solution?

Hi @agmtlm. Make sure you are signed into the correct Ring account and you are on the correct Location in the Ring app. You can toggle between Locations in the Ring app by tapping the Location name in the top center of the Ring app, which will bring up a drop down list. Tap on any other Locations in the list to see if that’s where your Doorbells are showing up.

On Oct 5, 17:56 UTC to 19:12 UTC, our teams were aware of an incident where some neighbors were unable to load the Ring app. This has since been resolved, but may have been the cause for why you didn’t see your Ring Doorbells in the Ring app.