Ring Doorbell Delay Notification To Phone

I’m very pleased with my Ring Doorbell but there does seem to be a significant delay between the doorbell being pressed and my phone receiving a notification by which time the caller may have left. I note that the Wifi signal varies between 59 and 65 which may be the cause. I tried a TP Wifi booster and extender but it did not improve the signal strength. Any ideas what to try next?

My son has suggested as we have an ethernet point downstairs we could use a wireless access point and a Injector POE.

Hi @AxeMan. A low RSSI can definitely be the culprit here. Improving your RSSI is key to reducing delay in your Ring system. A Chime Pro is a great way to improve your RSSI and notify you when there is activity at your doorbell. Additionally, ensure that you are using the best WiFi channels for communication.

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Hi Tom, how does a Ring Chime differ from a TP WiFi booster? I have an Alexa which triggers quite quickly when it detects motion or someone rings the bell. However the phone is delayed by a minute or so sometimes by which time the caller has gone.

Hi @AxeMan. A Ring Chime Pro acts not only as a WiFi extender that is specific for Ring devices (only Ring devices can connect to a Chime Pro), but it also allows you to link it to your Ring Devices for an audio notification. With a Chime Pro, you should hear this notification within a few seconds of the event happening. I suggest purchasing this via Amazon Prime so if you decide this is not for you, you can easily return the Chime Pro with no hassle.

Thank you Tom, much appreciated.

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Glad to have helped, @AxeMan

Just an update.I tried the Chime Pro but it was no better than the TP WifI booster. So I did as my son had suggested as we have an ethernet point downstairs we used a wireless access point and a Injector POE. We now get a RSi of 48. It was a more expensive option but he is a network engineer and has experience of these things. The other bonus is we have full WiFi signal downstairs now and things run much faster.

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