Ring doorbell chime pro

I have a ring chime Pro and the ring doorbell 2. Since I added the chime pro, the Alert chimes don’t play on my phone and only play on the ring chime. Why is this,

Hmm, that is certainly an odd one @Truth . Is your mobile device getting any type of notification at all (banner, vibration, etc)?

Yes I will get a notification off and on. Even with the chime pro, the chime doesn’t ring right away on the chime pro. I was thinking with the Chime pro it would ring pretty quickly along with my phone getting the notification faster

Thank you for confirming that information @Truth! My first recommendation would be to ensure your Chime Pro is being used as an extender to improve signal. To fully utilize the Chime Pro’s extender abilities, take a look at this Community post on how.

The next best step from there, will be to ensure proper placement of the Chime Pro for communication from both your router and the other Ring device.

So should I switch the WiFi network that the front door (ring doorbell) uses to the chime pro meteor? Please see screen shots.

Yes it would definitely be worth trying the Chime Pro network, as it might speed up communications such as notifications. Let me know if it helps at all!

Thank you. It works a little better.

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