Ring doorbell changing owners - Do I have to reset the device as well?

Hi all, I’m looking to change the owner of the ring doorbell device to myself since it was registered to the wrong member of the family. I’m currently a shared user.

I am aware of this article which explains how to achieve this process:

My question is after removing the device from the existing owner’s account, do I also have to push the reset button at the back of the device, or can I just enter the manual QR code we used the first time? I don’t want to bother with this if it means taking the camera off the wall so wanted to ask before I bother.

Thank you

Hi @Samael. Yes, you will need to a perform a new setup in the Ring app after it is removed from the existing owner’s account. This would involve putting the Doorbell into setup mode, which requires pressing the setup button either underneath the faceplate or on the back of the Doorbell (depending on the model) so it can be reconnected to the wifi network. I hope this information helps.