Ring doorbell cannot hear person at the door

I just installed my new doorbell.
They can hear me perfectly from outside but I cannot hear them from inside the house. Ring has access ti the microphone on my iphone but nothing

Hey @mmerino1980. Have you ensured that the speaker icon is not muted/slashed out when activating the Live View? This would prevent the sound from coming through on your phone. In addition, if you have any Bluetooth devices connected to your phone, they could be taking over the audio as well and not allowing you to hear it through your speaker phone, so please try seeing if you can hear someone on the other side with Bluetooth disabled on your phone. Lastly, some phones treat the Live View like a call, so you may need to put the phone up to your ear to hear the person, as it’s not instead playing through your speaker phone. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: