Ring doorbell cannot hear person at the door.

Hi I’ve set up my ring doorbell 2 today the device is only 2m away from the WiFi router . The sound from the person who has pressed the bell is so quietbi carnt hear them on my mobile phone. Also there is a pixel line all the way through the image any ideas as it has been set up justbas asked in the description. Any help would be appreciated. Just to confirm the people can her me but I carnt hear them.

Hey @Abbomaniac1988. Could you attach a video or picture of this pixel/sound issue? This will help us dissect what could be happening to you!

Hi that’s the pixel line it flashed through constantly and I can not hear the person at the door but they hear me . Any ideas how to solve the problem . Or is it faulty device in which case will have to return.

@Abbomaniac1988 That line looks to be a line of light that is coming through the video. This will happen if the image is overexposed like it is in the daytime. If you do not have this line show up during night time, then everything on the device seems fine with the picture quality. For the video audio, you will need to make sure your phone is not muted, your sound is up, and the Ring app is allowed to transmit the audio. You can also try disconnecting any bluetooth headphones or watches to see if these are restricting the audio from going through, but if the people on the other side can hear you through the Doorbell, this will be a audio error on the phone’s side, not the Doorbell.

I’m having a similar issue with my device, which is the Video Doorbell 2 too, after installing it today. The sound you hear at the doorbell from the phone is clear but the volume on the phone is either really low or you can’t hear them at all but you can see their mouth moving. I know that sound is enable as I’m able to hear them if they talk loud but it is still feint. My phone is an iPhone X on iOS 13.5.1 with Ring app version 5.27.1

Me too… on iPhone or Alexa. The people at the front door can hear me, but I cannot hear them

I have recently installed a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. It works as described above. People at the door can hear me but I can’t hear them. I have a Galaxy S8 and my wife has an iPhone SE. Neither of can receive the audio. There are no instructions nor troubleshooting advice to help. How can we resolve this?

I reseated the battery, this resolved the issue for me. Hope this helps you

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I read a reply someone made and they said to remove the battery and restart the ring. And that’s exactly what I did and my husband and I were able to hear the person at the door BTW I have a ring 3

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