Ring Doorbell camera does not record anything at night and never has

Hi all,

So, we’ve had our Ring doorbell since 2016 or so. It has NEVER recorded anything at night. I thought this was to do with my do-not-disturb settings on my phone, but no, Ring is exempt from DND.

The camera picks up vehicles passing in the street but NOT humans passing on the sidewalk, neither day or night. A man just walked by our house just now and nothing registered. A vehicle passed 10 minute earlier and that did register. So random.

I’ve read everything I can find in this forum, but have not yet discovered why the cam has never recorded anything at night, or how to fix it. This has become particularly frustrating, as there was an event in front of my house the night before last, which was not picked up.

We have this doorbell - and the system - for many reasons, one for being alerted if there is anything untoward happening at night, as we park our vehicles in front of our house.

If anyone can give me specific directions for fixing this, I’d be very grateful. Ring - the company - isn’t exactly awesome at providing real-time support.

Hi @CasaDeJandJ. I was able to find this Community post where another neighbor had a similar concern. There is a marked solution with steps you can try to help.

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