Ring Doorbell camera being hacked/disabled

I park my car in front of my Ring doorbell and the camera seems to record video pretty much every time I get into or move my car. However, for the third time now since installing the Ring doorbell someone has come onto my property and searched my car. And this time there was a second car parked next to it that was also opened and searched, both in full view of the Ring doorbell. On none of these occasions has there been a motion alert or any video footage recorded by the Ring Doorbell camera. This seems far too consistent to be a fluke and it appears to have been rendered useless as a security device. So I’m wondering whether there is known to be a remote method of disabling the Ring Doorbell that people could be using?

Unfotinitly Yes A Wi-Fi Jammer.

Well that’s annoying!

yes it is annoying and it weighed heavy over me making my choices!
but I figured at least I’m covering 85% of the non real criminals with the ezes of the wireles.
Bacicly you have to go to a POE (power over ethernet) or traditional wired camera set up.
The Rng Elite cameras are POE, so you’d need to run ethernet cable going to each camera & back to ea router input… but you’ll get power and data from the one cat5 cable. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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