ring doorbell blue led stays on (charging indicator) and drains the batt.

my ring doorbell was empty and needed a recharge while it was wired.
after i recharged it the blue led ring charging indicator wont stop. it just stays on draining my battery after 18 hours or so. also when i recharge it and i check the status it does not show it is recharging . but it does recharge because the percentage is going up . i tried the 15 second reset + removing the device and setting it back up. And let it completly drain and recharge it afterwards but nothing seems to work any tips or help on this.
the doorbell is abouth 1,5 years old

if any information is needed please ask.

Hi @johnmassis! During the charging of your Video Doorbell, the blue indicator will show the charging progress. if your device does not automatically reconnect after charging, completing a new setup should stop the blue LED indicator and allow for intended functionality. As for the battery percentage, the new battery level will update in the Ring app following a Doorbell event, such as reconnecting or motion. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

All the tips you you provided have been tried. but do not seems to change any thing.
The issue still remains . After charging and disconnecting the charger the blue led ( that indicates how much the door bell has been recharged = charging indicator) stays on . and because the blue led stays on the battery drains realy fast . So when i refresh the the door bell. Its not registrating that the doorbell is charging while when i refresh i do see the battery % go up while it still says its on battery. i can see it is refreshing because the last health control time changes . Is there a way that i or ring can read out logs from the device ? or do a factory reset ?

Hi @johnmassis. Chiming in for Marley! This may be a good time for you to give our support team a call here. Our advanced support agents can preform a factory reset of the device and re-set up with you, as well as look at the logs on the device to see how the battery levels are changing and if it’s reading as hardwired on their end. They can take a deeper look into this for you! Let us know how that call goes and what the outcome of it is. :slight_smile: