Ring doorbell battery

I recently obtained the ring doorbell. If it’s hardwired, then why is the battery showing 65%? It’s connected to wifi just fine and it replaced my existing doorbell so I’m not quite understanding this. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Deltabreeze! When first getting your Video Doorbell, it will likely not be charged 100%. We recommend charging it to 100% after, or during, setup and updating for the first time.

Having the Doorbell hardwired is a great way to extend battery charge life. Keep in mind, the power will supply a trickle charge to the Doorbell battery while the Doorbell utilizes the battery to operate. This means that too many motion events, live views, frequent lengthy video streams, and even wifi interference can drain a battery quicker than it can charge. Check out our Community post about battery draining for tips on improving charge. :slight_smile:

We installed the ring doorbell. The app said everything was installed correctly but it’s showing the power source is battery but it’s hardwired. What’s wrong? The device health and product says everything is good on it, just not recognizing the hardwire.

I’ve been on the phone with support for two days now .They don’t want to listen.I had a ring 2 and I thought it was broken because night recording had stopped. So I bought a ring 3,looks now like my 2 just wasn’t charging.So upgraded for no reason. I charged my battery to 100% used the door bell for one day it went down to 90%. So I turned off recording and alerts , so basically just trickle charging. After 12 hours the battery reads 91% . At this rate it will never keep up.I called ring back and they are clueless and just say reset the ring.They need to listen to us as consumers and fix the issue . My hardwired ring is getting 24vac . Hey ring fix this issue or I’m sending back to amazon and buying a competitor .