Ring doorbell batterry

Ring doorbell battery went from 30+ hardly had done any recordings then an alert popped up that it was on 7%.

This remained on overnight.

Next morning when I went to remove battery it was on 29%


Hi @Wob. What specific doorbell model do you have and what is the RSSI for this device? Is this device hardwired or connected to a Solar Panel? This information will give us a bit more insight into what is happening.

My ring doorbell does exactly the same. Received an email it was on 5% last night, this morning it is on 20%. Video doorbell 4 RSSI—51. Only changed 3 weeks ago and not made many recordings

Hi @Wob. In order to help, we will need a bit more information. Do you have a Ring Solar Charger installed on the Doorbell? Is this Doorbell connected to existing doorbell wiring? Hardwiring or attaching a Solar Charger to a battery powered Ring Doorbell provides a trickle charge to help extend the amount of time between manually charging the battery.