Ring doorbell as security camera

We have one ring doorbell. No cloud services. We are thinking of getting another for our backdoor to also act as a security camera. Will it serve this purpose? If I get cloud storage, will the doorbell always record? We have unruly neighbours so we want to start logging actions. Hope this will work.

Hey @Wonderist. You can install another Doorbell or Security Camera where you feel you need to have an extra set of eyes on this area, so feel free to do this! I encourage getting a Ring Protect Plan to cover one or both of the devices so that you can have access to any recordings that happened that are missed. When it comes to what is recorded, any motion that is detected will be recorded and stored, and you can enable Snapshot Capture to get more snapshots of the moments in between recordings, but you will not have 24/7 storage. You can however, via the Live View at any time and whatever you view will also be recorded and stored for you. You can learn more about Protect Plans here.