Ring Doorbell Arm and Disarm

After 30 days my new Ring Doorbell 3 says I need to pay for the Ring Protect Plan to “arm and disarm digitally.” Ok, for the sake of argument, I’ll skip the forced payment option and “arm and disarm manually!” Right? Because “digitally” directly implies there’s another option. Now, how do I do that since no keypad was provided with my system, and I’m told I can’t buy one separately? (This will be interesting! ) Thanks for any info!

Hi @user93906-5256. To use Modes, it requires a Ring Protect Plan subscription. We have this Help Center page that provides you with information about Modes. Also, you cannot use a Ring Alarm Keypad with just a Doorbell. The Keypad is part of the Ring Alarm System and only connects to the Alarm Base Station.

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