Ring Doorbell app on my phone doesn't 'alert" me when the doorbell rings

Hello, it appears that the Ring doorbell app is connected to my Pixel 3a smartphone being that I see a notice on my Pixel 3a smartphone that reads “Someone is at your front door” (see attachment) but I do not hear a sound on my phone (advising that the doorbell rang).

FYI, my wife has an iPhone 7 that rings (alerts her) when the doorbell rings but my Pixel 3a does not make a sound, it only displays the “Someone is at your front door” message that I would not see unless my phone opened and I am looking at it.

So I am contacting you to request your help in advising me on what I need to do to turn on the sound on my Pixel 3a i.e. ALERT ME, when the Ring doorbell rings?

Thank you

The Pixel 3A and 3A XL both had an issue with notifications with certain apps. There is now the January update for these phones and supposedly the fix for this is a part of it. I haven’t had a chance to install it but it was ready when I checked in the settings for the update. So check your settings for the security/improvement update.

Thank you Eagle, I was unaware that there was an issue with the Android app for Ring. I believe that I have automatic updates set for the Ring app but will double-check to ensure that the app has been updated


It’s a system update, not an app. It’s located in your phone’s settings menu down towards the bottom in System, then Advanced and then system update. Make sure your phone has at least 80% battery before you update it. It will take about 15 minutes, so you won’t be able to use the phone. Plan to do it when you won’t need your phone. I still haven’t had time to install it myself yet. Hopefully it fixed it. If not, I have another possible solution.

Hello again and thank you for your help Eagle, I updated the Pixel 3a with the latest Android version 10, Security patch level: January 1, 2020 and my Pixel 3a phone still does not alert me when someone rings the doorbell so I’ll contact customer support and post the information that they provide to me.

I understand that you are busy, busy, busy and I have an unrelated question for Eagle that has NO URGENCY so when you do get a chance, I would appreciate your help.

I had an iPhone that I hated so I switched to the Pixel 3a a few weeks ago and am still getting used to the Pixel 3a, so far I like MUCH better than the propriety driven iPhone, and your instructions to check Settings for Security/ Improvement updates.

The Apple smartphone would advise me when an update was available and give me the option to install it. Apparently this is not an option with the Google Android OS where you have to “search” to see if an update is available.

Is this correct or is there a setting with Android to notify you when an update is available?

Thanks again for your help Eagle


Glad I could help. I’ve been doing Android volunteer support as a mod on a major phone manufacturer for 10 years now. Out if all the new phones available within the last 2 years, you got one of the best and most likely way under a grand as well. The Pixel will notify you at some point that there is an update available. But I’m always reading up on Android developments so I usually know as soon as it’s released. The Pixel line will be the first to get every update for security and operating upgrades. So you’ll always be on date with security. Some manufacturers are behind 6 months or more. I’m anti apple as well. I don’t like they way they control every aspect and don’t allow any free will. Seems like a company China would love. But iPhones are very simple to use and people do like that I guess. Not me at least.
As for the other possible solution. I read somewhere that the Pixel changed where it keeps it’s notification files and that may be why it’s not working. I use my pixel for work manly so I have to put the Ring app on it and give it a try. I’m updating it tonight. Let me know if you get an answer from Ring or not. I’ll let you know if I figure it out too.

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Hello again Eagle, I was on the phone with Ring support for 1 hour and 48 minutes and they determined and I agree, that it’s a Pixel problem since the doorbell sound (alert) works on my wife’s iPhone and with the Ring support rep (who “invited” to install the Ring app on her phone).

In any event, they had me install and reinstall the Ring app several times and they was transferred to 2nd level support who finally figured out the problem which was that I had Override Do Not Disturb (which is in App Alert Tones–> Ring Alert —>Notification category---->Advanced) .

Thank you again for your help Eagle


Glad to hear it’s working.
So was your override do not disturb on or off?
I’m guessing it had to be on possibly…

Let me know. Thanks

Eagle wrote: So was your override do not disturb on or off? I’m guessing it had to be on possibly…

Bob: Actually it was off which is confusing and I guess it means OFF if you do not want to override “Do Not Disturb” or ON if I want to override “Do Not Disturb”

Bob, thanks. As long as it works that’s great. Now if someone else has this issue we know how to help.

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Thank you for ALL your help Eagle


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I came across this thread and was wondering if you had trouble with viewing live mode on your pixel 3a after installing the ring app? Myself and partner both have a pixel3a and we cannot access live mode on 4g but works absolutely fine on WiFi…

Re: Ring Doorbell app on my iPhone doesn’t 'alert" me when the doorbell rings. It stopped almost two

This is still an issue with Pixel phones. I have a Pixel 5 with Android 11 and its the same exact problem. Restarting the app or clearing notifications fixes the problem… What is weird is it only effects pixel audio notifications, all other apps work.