Ring doorbell, alarm and Yale smart lock

Is this possible in the UK? Seems it’s not supported officially but there is a clear and robust workaround?

Good morning, I’m in the UK and wanting to start my journey on Home Automation. The house I’m moving into already has Hive heating controls and a ring doorbell all I believe the vendors are taking it all so could start a fresh. My background is as a domestic electrician for years and turned architect to give you an idea or ability.

I’m looking for advice on home automation with a focus on security. Ideally I would like a home alarm system, smart lock, video door bell or camera with 2 way audio and heating controls.

Basically I’d like a system where visitor rings the doorbell, I get a notification, I can disable the alarm and give them access whilst also being able to reset alarm and lock the doors as they leave. Preferably all in one IOS app. Adding heating and lighting is a bonus.