Ring doorbell aka waste of money

Having seen all the hype about video doorbells I took the plunge and purchased 2 video doorbells. 1 for my parent’s house and one for our own. I didn’t want to worry about having the batteries running out and poor quality I thought I’d opt for the premium options and go for the pro.

The minimum requirements for the doorbell are around 2mb upload so I thought having 500mb fibre at both locations with a 50mb upload should be sufficient.

Needless to say ever since they have been installed it has not worked properly. There is no way you can have a conversation with anybody.

I then rang ring support earlier this month and they have said there was something to do with a setting that was enabled on the app which was causing it to act like this. Needless to say it did not make a blind bit of difference.

Today I was waiting for a parcel from Amazon which I had been waiting for and I tried to talk through the app. Having a 5g connection with 50mb download and 30mb upload the connection was so bad I got through to the courier as he was walking back to his van.

I was absolutely livid and rang ring support demanding a refund as the product is not working as it should be. They said I was not able to claim a full refund as it was a subscription service and it was left at that as I said I would like to take it up with my bank.

Now I have discovered they have put the cancellation through even though I have not asked for a partial refund. I cannot access the video which I wanted to provide to Amazon.

All in all the product is absolutely not fit for purpose, overpriced and support basically tells you to turn of features as your doorbell won’t work properly with them enabled. Now I have 2 x £200 ornaments which are useless.

Hi @user30190. Checking your internet speeds to ensure they are sufficient for the Video Doorbell Pro was a good troubleshooting step, as insufficient speeds could cause poor audio and video quality. Since you have sufficient internet speeds available for the Doorbell, audio and video quality concerns could be attributed to the strength of the wifi signal that your Doorbell is receiving. Try checking the RSSI on the Device Health page to see what it is indicating.

The general rule of thumb is for your Ring Doorbell or Camera to be no more than about 25 feet, or 7 meters, from the wifi access point (your router). Different factors can cause interference with the signal, such as other wifi-enabled devices and certain building materials, so you may need to move the Doorbell closer to the router. You can also find more troubleshooting steps for audio concerns here.

I hope some of these general tips help, as there is not always a single solution for every concern. For Ring Protect plan and billing questions, please follow up with our support team so they can review your account and make any changes needed. Since the Community is a public forum, I’m not able to review account details to handle billing or Ring Protect plan questions, but our support team can.

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Yep I agree totally.
These ring cams are awful.
Bought myself and daughter ring 4 for xmas ,
Awful video quality, no 5ghz on any of 3 routers.

I have a gigabit connection , I connect at 1004 mbps .
Going to look else where.