Ring Doorbell 4Ring is useless

Ring Doorbell 4 is useless… a waste of money… all day long I get notifications of cars going by, even when set to only reach the side of car where someone stole my catalytic converter. That was my reason for getting the ring. It’s set to record for 120 seconds but rarely does and then there’s nothing in sight. Just last night I heard someone talking loud outside, got up, looked out the window and watched someone walk from the corner heading up my street, passing close to my cars, continued walking up past two houses then returning back to the corner and down towards another block.; but wait the ring camera captured only 20 seconds of this. Useless piece of ring equipment. Not dependable. Many instance’s I’m notified that someone is at my door only to see a car approaching about a block away. This machine seem to ‘snooze’ for most of the night when it should be doing its job. I’ve had ring techs attempt to correct it two or three times to no avail. Useless piece of equipment. $200.00 + down the drain with this purchase and many hours going thru Rings setting’s trying to locate a proper fix. Something like this should be plug and play without all the hidden pieces of instructions. Can’t blame it on the internet as its 10 ft from a wifi extender and 22 ft from the router with 300 mbps speed. Oh, almost forgot to mention that even though your original home doorbell sets up and rings in the official ring setup don’t count on it to work in reality. Classic answer from Ring is We Can Sell You One .

Hi @user36736. It sounds like there are multiple issues here. What is the RSSI of the device? This is located in the Device Health menu of the Ring app. You will also want to review your Video Record Length and ensure that you have Motion Verification, in your Motion Settings, turned off. Have this turned on will trim your videos if there is a period without motion. This will explain why your video only records for 20 seconds and not the full 120 seconds. Lastly, how high is your Doorbell mounted and are there steps leading up to it? This can contribute to how it detects and records motion. Thank you!