Ring Doorbell 4 People Detection failure

My newly installed Doorbell 4 recognizes passing cars as “people” but won’t recognize me standing between the Doorbell and the street waving my arms at the device while walking around. Yes, I’ve adjusted the detection zones to EXCLUDE the street, but that didn’t help. I’ve set all the advanced features, used the Wizard, etc. No help. My Spotlight camera in the back of the house gets this right, so it’s a software issue. Anyone else seeing this problem?

Hi @Bill08816. This is definitely interesting. How high is your Doorbell 4 mounted and are their steps leading up to it? This may seem insignificant at first glance, but it plays a part in how motion is detected. If possible, share a screenshot of your Doorbell 4s Motion Zones. This will help the Community make any suggestions to help your motion detection to work as intended. This Community article here also has some great tips and tricks for optimizing your doorbells motion detection. :slightly_smiling_face: