Ring Doorbell 4 has stopped charging via trickle charge adaptor

I have a Ring Doorbell 4 which I’ve connect to a Ring mains adaptor so it constantly trickle charges. However, the charging has stopped working for no apparent reason. I confirmed the connectors are properly secured on the back of the Ring Doorbell and that the mains adaptor is plugged into the mains socket and turned on.

The trickle charging has worked for a number of months and it stated that the doorbell was trickle charging in the application. But has now stopped charging and in the app it does not show it is trickle charging any more.

Can anyone help or suggest what to try?

Take the battery out and charge it fully with a USB cable. Then see if it works.
It could be you have to many events eating into the battery life and the trickle charge isn’t able to keep up anymore.
Alternatively, the battery could be kaput, but trying to charge it via USB cable will be a good test.

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