Ring Doorbell 4 can no longer see any wifi

I’ve had my Ring Video Doorbell 4 for about 2 years, and haven’t had any real problem with it. Today, it decided to lose it’s connection to my Wi-Fi. I decided to try and fix it, and when going to the troubleshooting, it doesn’t see any Wi-Fi listed at all. Even adding in my Wi-Fi network manually doesn’t let it connect (goes to the white light flashing to the right). Nothing is wrong with my Wi-Fi network (nothing has changed, and sitting next to it with my phone shows between -40 and -50 signal strength, with the only other APs on that frequency being below -90).

What concerns me is it doesn’t show any Wireless networks at all. I’ve tried troubleshoot, Factory Resetting it. connecting to a “hidden network” with my wireless’s details, and even calling ring support. Nothing has helped and ring support is sending me a Chime Pro, but I’m very doubtful it will do anything as it doesn’t see any Wireless networks at all.

Support also is willing to send me a 35% discount code, but looking at the ring store, they don’t have a battery video doorbell that supports 5ghz listed at all (except for certified refurbished ones). Also if I’m going to have to buy a new one in less than 2 years, it’s not really worth the price, especially when I’m paying for a protect plan.

There are several posters now that have this same symptom - No networks found during setup. Doesn’t seem so isolated now…

My front doorbell is not deactivated. I don’t understand why.

[NemesisQ15]…Have you found any solution?

Hi @NemesisQ15. Is your router dual-band, with 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks? Do they share the same SSID and password, or are they separated? Only a few Ring devices are compatible with 5GHz, while all are compatible with 2.4GHz, which provides a farther effective range. I’d also suggest checking your network settings to see if anything changed via an update. It’s possible the firewall or security settings have changed, which could be preventing your Ring Doorbell from seeing the network.

If you have not found a solution yet, this is what worked for me. My current phone is a Samsung S20. It would not see any Wi-Fi networks at all. I read another post that a user used a newer phone and the app was able to see all Wi-Fi networks. I didn’t have a newer phone available, but I did have an older phone, a Samsung S8. After charging it up and updating the Ring app, I was able to see all Wi-Fi networks and reconnect my Chime and Doorbell. Hope this helps!

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