Ring Doorbell 3 Won't Connect Live View or Notifications.

Hello neighbours,

I’ve had my doorbell for the past week while I was off work and it’s been fine. Sods law, I go back to work today. 150miles from home and I stopped getting notifications early afternoon. I know I should of been getting them as I’ve spoken to multiple people who would have set it off. Also, when I go to connect to live view it will not load up.

My internet connection at home is fine and nothing has changed since last night. I’ve tried re installing the app and all health checks but obviously because of my distance from home I cannot do anything to the doorbell and nobody will have access to on my behalf. Can anyone help me please?

The main reason I got this was to keep an eye on things during the week and be notified about visitors. Seems like its £140 not very well spent at the moment.


Hi @Andy_B. Are you currently using wifi or mobile data on your phone when utilizing the Ring App? Is the Doorbell reporting that it is online or offline in the Ring App? If it is reporting as offline, it would need to be taken through a new setup. Since you’re not at the location of the Doorbell, there is limited troubleshooting that can be done as most troubleshooting requires that you are with the device itself.