Ring Doorbell 3 Wifi connectivity issues

I just wanted to post to share some information with anyone trying to set up a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. I’ve spent the good part of half a day trying to trouble shoot why my Chime and my Doorbell won’t connect. changing wifi codes, settings, channels on my router etc…

What finally worked was using the number barcode on the back on the device to connect rather than scanning the QR code. Something must be preventing a connection when using the QR code. Very frustrating but thankfully we have resolved it now. I hope this helps someone else from wasting hours of their time.

I recieved a Doorbell 3 Plus yesterday & had some issues connecting it (Taking several tries before a succesfull set-up.

Now I’m tring to use the doorbell, & whilst showing in the App as On-line, cant get anything to work (No notifications sent to the App or Chimes 2 pro. I only get a little “chirp” from the doorbell when the button is pressed.

I cant do a live-stream…& the battery went from 100% to 58% overnight (Between 10pm & 6 am)…

I’m going to try setting it up again, but ignoring the QR-code (Which, I’ll add, I had to ignor when setting up the Chime-unit).

I have a Ring 3 doorbell which is about to be returned to Amazon later today. The Ring 2 doorbell works much better for me. BUT - I never did get the app to scan in the barcode on the back of the device. The sticker was not put on very well and the barcode was partially blocked. Fortunately the same barcode was included on a piece of paper in the box.

I’m no expert but it would seem that when these Ring devices have connectivity issue they sometimes go into hyper-active mode and the battery drains rapidly.

If it were me, I would bring everything together inside the house right next to each other and get that to work before I ever tried to install it…


Thats What I did…Got it all set up “on the bench”, then installed…

Both the doorbell & the chimes show as being Online, Health check on both shows good wifi etc…but nothing does anything… :frowning:


I just noticed that through the App, I can turn the night-light on/off on the Chime…so it MUST be connected…Maybe its JUST an issue with the Bell 3 Plus?

I suspect - your app is showing you stale information. It is showing you how well it was working when you had it on the bench and it has not been refreshed since there is not the proper connectivity.

If it were me I would bring it back to the bench, see it work, make note of the RSSI values. Then I would move the doorbell out a little. You should see the RSSI value change somewhat, right ? Then repeat.

The other thing I would do is set the whole thing up, and see it working under 2.4 ghz before I ever entertained 5.0 ghz.

Just me two cents

I’ll try that…(Bench/Check RSSI etc)…good suggestion, thanks

I just tried something for the first time.

Go to your router configuration from a browser.

There is likely a device list or status page which will show all the devices it knows about.

You should see all your Ring devices with their assigned IP addresses.

Open a command line window (cmd under windows) and enter ‘ping <ip address>’

You should see replies with timings listed. If you see ‘destination host unreachable’ you have connectivity issues.

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