Ring Doorbell 3 solar power not charging

Hi I have fitted a spotlight camera with solar power and a ring doorbell 3 with solar power. The spotlight camera is great and working. When the sun is out I get a image of a sun on the battery and shows its charging.
However on the doorbell the battery is slowly being depleted. The solar panel is showing as connected in the health settings but it doesn’t show the charging or sun logo like on the spotlight cam is this normal?
Thanks in advance ps see the image attached

Hi @Sne1. I found a similar thread regarding the Solar Charger with the Doorbell 3 here, where Boone had a response with a lot of resources. I’d recommend checking those out alongside ensuring that the Solar Charger is firmly connected, free of any dirt or debris, and receiving plenty of direct sunlight every day. It will provide a trickle charge to your Doorbell to help with keeping the battery charged, but it does require that direct sunlight in order to provide that trickle charge. If your Doorbell is recording a lot of events as well, this can cause the battery to discharge more quickly.