Ring Doorbell 3 Pro online, device health good, but no video, no live view

I have a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus, connected to a Ring Chime Pro using the Ring network. Everything worked for about a day after I installed the Ring Chime Pro, but now I get no live view and the doorbell captures no video. Both devices are online and both have good device help. What is wrong? How do I troubleshoot?

Called Ring and was provided this successful procedure:

  1. Reset the doorbell by pressing and holding the Setup button for 20 seconds
  2. After it stops flashing, press it briefly and wait for it to have a spinning white light
  3. Open the ring application and click for the 3 lines at the top left corner (Menu) and go to devices
  4. Select the doorbell then go to Device Health
  5. Select either reconnect to wifi or change wifi and follow the instructions, you can just skip the part where it ask you to press the setup button again if you still have the white light spinning
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