Ring Doorbell 3 Power Outage

We had a power outage today the knocked out our WiFi. Once the power was restored at 4pm, and the wifi, the Ring Doorbell started working immediately. It worked perfect for about an hour, then stopped detecting anything again, even though our other 2 stickup cams continued to record and the events could be viewed on the timeline, however there were no events on the timeline for the Ring Doorbell. So from 4pm to 5:09pm the ring doorbell successfully recorded and uploaded the motions to the timeline, from 5:09 until 6:24 it did not register anything to the timeline. At 6:24 a motion was detected and uploaded, then nothing again. At 6:36 the Doorbell had did a device health update so I’m assuming that was triggered by motion, but yet nothing on the timeline. This is frustrating!

Hi @Tpmoneytime! When your Video Doorbell loses power resources or network resources due to a power loss, this is the same as a power cycle of your device. Once resources are restored, your Video Doorbell should resume operation as intended after successful reconnection. If you are noticing other device in your home are reconnecting and operating just fine, the best next step will be to check your network to ensure it powered back up properly and is delivering resources to all of your connected devices as needed. Sometimes power cycling the wifi router can resolve connection concerns due to power outages. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: