Ring Doorbell 3 plus wi-fi problems

So I bought a Ring 3 doorbell +; setup went fine but after fitting the bell outside connecting with my BT hub 5 hub wi-fi was sporadic with an RSSI reading of around 80 so I moved the bell & got an RSSI reading of around 60 but the bell still wouldn’t reliably stay connected to the hub wi-fi. Despite having no other wi-fi issues around the house, I bought the later BT hub 6, we don’t have fibre into the house but my speed is around 30-50 & 15-20 Mb/s. Went through the Bell set up process again but the RSSI reading has now gone up to 79. The bell does seem to connect more reliably but how on earth am I supposed to get an RSSI reading of 40 or better, it wasn’t even that with the bell, hub & phone all next to each other during set up. Thought about getting a Chime Pro, which is supposed to boost the signal, but at over £50, I just seem to be spending more & more cash on this thing with no guarantee it will ever work as it should, is this normal?

Hey there, @Karis. It sounds like distance or interference might be a factor here. Before exploring these variables, I recommend ensuring the Video Doorbell is connected to your 2.4 Ghz wifi network, rather than the 5 Ghz.

With RSSI being as high as it is, there may be a great distance or solid objects interfering with wifi signal. In this case, a Chime Pro or wifi extender can certainly help to extend your wifi signal reach. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimising this signal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi & thanks for your response;

Yes it’s connected to 2.4Ghz but the RSSI was only around the recommended 45 with all of the components practically next to each other during set up & that’s with the new BT hub 6!

The distance from the bell to the router is only around 8m, going through the plastic centre strip of the front door, two 100mm internal walls & (possibly) a flimsy, modern 6 panel internal door when it’s closed. I moved the bell push from an adjacent brick wall to the centre of a, mainly, glass front door (not really where I wanted it) & this did increase the RSSI by 20 points to 60 but I still didn’t get a reliable connection; sometime it was OK, sometimes not!

I’m so disappointed that I chose this rather (relatively) expensive bit of kit which doesn’t seem to work. I’ve not had such problems with setting up any of the other Wi-fi based kit I have including my Sonos system, which works fine in our summer house around 30m down our garden & a, known to be dubious, Salus Wi-fi/internet heating controller system.

After a week of faffing around, it now seems the only option I have left is to buy the Chime Pro or try a signal amplifier but what if that doesn’t work either! I feel I’ve been conned into buying a piece of over priced kit that relies on you buying something else to make it work & that’s even without the annual subscription! Perhaps, I should have known better & expected it from Amazon; incidentally, when the doorbell works, Alexa communicates with it fine but then it would, wouldn’t it!