Ring doorbell 3 plus power-AC or DC

Hi, I am looking to wire ring doorbell 3 plus with wired installation replacing existing doorbell.

On install page it says the transformer needs to be 8 to 24VAC and apparently 40VA.

Ring also sells power supply adapter which are DC output voltage and much lower than 40VA.

  1. Does doorbell work with both AC and DC or What am I missing here?..

  2. I have a setup with separate transformer and chime. Instructions say to simply replace existing doorbell with Ring without any mention of chime having to be compataible. I know Ring also publish a chime compatibility list. When wired to a trafaformer, does Ring work with any mechanical chime?


Hi @Lat321. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus will work with our Ring Plug-In Adapter or a transformer that supports 16 VAC with at least 30 VA. Most mechanical chimes are compatible, however, you can find a list of compatible chime kits here. I hope this information helps!