Ring doorbell 3 plus not reconnecting after deactivation

Our ring 3 plus got stuck doing an update. I factory reset it, deactivated and removed it in the app, and then started the process for reconnecting it to our network. It says it enters setup mode and the white lights light up around the circle, but when I get to the step “Connecting to your Ring Doorbell…” It tries to connect to the Ring, fails, and returns me to the previous step “Wait for Ring Doorbell to enter setup mode”. Then, if I tap “Light is Spinning White” again, nothing happens on the Ring Doorbell and the phone app locks up. I have tried this from 2 different moving devices but the result is the same.

Did the doorbell brick itself? Not sure what else to try.

Hi @glasscity. What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? There may be some settings that need to be adjusted such as WiFi Assist or Smart Network Switch. Also, be sure that there is no active VPN and bluetooth is turned OFF (just for the setup). If possible, try setting up with a different phone or tablet. Thanks, neighbor.