Ring Doorbell 3 plus not detecting people

I have set up my doorbell. It detects people leaving the house and when I drive in the driveway with my car. However, it doesn’t detect people walking in to my drive. I have people detection on, sensitivity up to maximum. The postman wasn’t detected at all. What can I do to sort this?

If I can’t get this to work, i’ll be sending the doorbell back for a refund. Very disappointing.

I have exactly the same problem. Have tried everything. Think I may have to take mine back too.!

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It is so frustrating, I phoned customer support and they were helpful but got a refund as they said it won’t detect people if the person walks past less than 6 seconds then it won’t work.

I didn’t have it on. I have the sensitivity for detection on max. It is recording everything else. According to my doorbell, my husband leaves for work each morning and never returns, my daughters have never left the house, my car vanishes on and off the drive as you never see me get in or out of it, the bins put themselves out and get emptied without the bin men turning up. I have wasted a week trying everything without success.

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Hi neighbors! Our Vide Doorbells feature various motion settings and features. It’s great to see you all testing out each setting and maximizing motion detection. As every home is different, the best method for optimizing motion is through trial and error. There may be area that features like People Only Mode work great at, and there may be scenarios where the setting is best left off. Testing out both is important. I recommend also looking into your Motion Frequency settings as we see neighbors commonly use this setting to preserve battery. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Before seeing this post I realised Motion Frequency was the one thing I hadn’t changed, I didn’t think it necessary as it was recording traffic and pedestrians fine on ‘Regular’. Changed it to ‘frequent’ and it works as it should. Does drain the battery quickly so will purchase another battery as backup.

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Mine is not working either, I was gardening al morning and nothing, but every time a car drove by it would send a notification. Yes, the person sensor is on. All this started to happen after the last update.

Hi neighbors. I would suggest making sure that your Doorbell has the proper placement. If it is placed too high, or too low, it could affect the way it detects motion. I would check out this Help Center article here or this Community post here to help you our with this.