Ring Doorbell 3 Plus hardwired and battery life draining

I have hardwired Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. Device health showing that Ring is hardwired and I have strong WiFi signal. This device is new and I have received it yesterday. This Ring is inside the building (apartment complex), location - California. That mean that I have pretty stable warm weather.

My question is: What the heck and why my NEW battery on NEW device is draining? When I was selecting your product it was said that it can be hardwired and battery should not be drained. Or this is just a market trick? If so what the point to have this doorbell wired if I still need to charge battery?! Yesterday evening, I have fully charge the battery - 100% and now I have 97% after a day. Are you guys kidding me? Do not tell me that I need to disable some Motion settings, what the point to have them if I need to disable them?

Can you fix this problem ASAP?

The first step would be to check your doorbell transformer and verify it is outputting at least 16V. If it’s an older transformer it might not be able to sustain the current that the doorbell requires.

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Nah, building is new… just 2 years. For sure I have more then 16V.

Update: After new Ring app update, now I start seeing 100% of battery :smiley: Even WiFi signal is start showing RSSI-58 with NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 which is kind of pretty close to Ring (previously it was 65).

New application fixed everything, hah :smirk:

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Hi @Moeteiru. Glad to hear this is now working for you!