Ring doorbell 3 Plus connection issue

My Ring 3 plus door bell is on battery power, linked to my fibre broadband via a Ring Chime Pro.
Now my Chime Pro sits about 30cm away from my BB router and is always a low RSSI 40.
My doorbell is the only thing connected to my Chime Pro & sits about 3 meters away on the other side of the external wall from my Chime Pro.

The major issue I am having is that the doorbell constantly loses WIFI connection & stops operating!
The last health check states the doorbell was at RSSI 59 when it lost connection! And battery power was at 93%.

Why is this repeatedly happening??

My broadband is solid with very good fibre speeds!!

@Griffo Can you move the Chime Pro closer to the doorbell. The optimum for it is about half way however you may find if you are able to put it right on the other side of the wall from your Ring Doorbell it might be better. Exterior walls can stop Wi-Fi signals dead basically and it doesn’t matter how fast your connection is if the Wi-Fi signal cant get to the device.

My chime pro was initially right on the inside of my front door, we’ll about 1 meter away in the hallway but it seemed even worse. Dropped out of WIFI connection all the time.

Did appear better where it is now, but still dropping out circa every week or so!

I’m unable to re-connect via the APP when I’m away, passwords etc not changed.
Then when I get home, I just pop the battery out, put it back in & it re-connects on its own without issue :man_shrugging:t2:

Can’t be right this!! And this constant connection issue is stopping me getting the Ring Alarm CCTV cameras!!

@Griffo What is the RSSI value at the doorbell? Also go outside with your mobile phone and see what the Wi-Fi signal is next to the doorbell/run a speed test. This does sound like a Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

RSSI 59 right now, was 59 when it went off line last night.

It fluctuates between high 40s then goes orange with signal low message on health check at circa RSSI 70. But still works.

On average it sits mid 50s to mid 60s RSSI.

I think the only way to sort this is go for a complete home Mesh WIFI home network!
Anyone done this?

Right, I was home tonight and my Ring doorbell 3 plus was showing 71 RSSI & 57% battery with poor WIFI connection red at 23:45 hours, so nothing else really using broadband WIFI connection.

I changed out the battery for my spare, nothing else at all & the RSSI dropped straight away to 57 and back in the green!!!
Do I have a broken doorbell? Or are these Ring door bells that sensitive to battery power dropping near 50%???

Hi there, @Griffo! It sounds like the wifi network signal may be fluctuating. Removing the battery and putting it back in will re-power the Video Doorbell. This would allow it to refresh it’s connection and reconnect to your network, thus showing the latest signal strength, or RSSI.

Fluctuation in resources and signal strength is the nature of wifi signal as it travels over the air. The best way to fine tune this is to consider what objects are along the path of signal between your router and Video Doorbell. Solid walls, multiple walls, appliances, electronics, and other objects could be impacting signal efficiency. Testing different placement with the Chime Pro will also help, but the best test is to connect the Video Doorbell direct to your router wifi, then bring it near the router to test connection as you gradually bring the Doorbell further away. This should help you fine tune your signal connection. I recommend also considering router type and age, especially if you are using one supplied by an internet provider. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: